If you have an understanding of CSS, you can override the stylesheets for each site in the ‘Advanced’ section of the edit site form. Additionally you can set defaults for all sites in the ‘Advanced’ section of ‘Global Settings’.

Specifically, Landed uses the Sass extension language and is built atop Bootstrap 3 which allows you to override the majority of the Bootstrap variables. Note that as Landed uses Sass, variables should be prefixed with $ rather than @. For more information on Sass, see the official guide.

The overrides you provide are in addition to the base stylesheet for your chosen template. Stylesheets are evaluated by the following order:

  1. Global Override Variables
  2. Site Override Variables
  3. Default Stylesheet
  4. Global Override Stylesheet
  5. Site Override Stylesheet

Therefore, anything defined in the default stylesheet can be overridden by the global or site stylesheets, and anything in the global stylesheet can be overridden by the site-specific stylesheet.

It is recommended to keep a local backup copy of any complex stylesheets.

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