For consistency and predictability, Smart Order Tags uses a few simple rules to convert your attribute/property names and values into an order tag. If you plan to use whitelists to limit the tags created by the app, you will need to enter each tag in the format used by Smart Order Tags.

You can easily check this format with the tag format checker linked from the Settings page. If you'd like to understand exactly how this conversion works, read on.

Name and value

For each of the name and value, the following steps are taken:

Strip whitespace

Any whitespace is stripped from the beginning and end.

E.g. ‘   Gift wrap   ’ becomes ‘Gift wrap’.

Lower case

Any capital letters are converted to lower case.

E.g. ‘Gift wrap’ becomes ‘gift wrap’.

Replace symbols and whitespace

Any sequences of one or more non-alphanumeric characters are replaced with a single hyphen. Also, any hyphens placed at the beginning or end are removed.

E.g. ‘Gift wrap’ becomes ‘gift-wrap’.

The final tag

Finally, the converted name and value are joined together by ‘: ’.

E.g. the converted attribute name ‘gift-wrap’ and value ‘yes’ are joined to become the tag ‘gift-wrap: true’.

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