After authenticating your Google Search Console account and starting your trial period, you should be presented with a list of crawl errors from your Google Search Console account. Click any error to begin the process.

For each error, you should be given a list of initial suggestions based on matches between the original path and existing paths in your store. You can click any of these suggestions to replace the field text. If none of the initial suggestions are appropriate, you can start typing and the suggestions will update as you type. For example, if you enter ‘socks’, then Redirectify will suggest any paths within your store which match ‘socks’. You need not be too exact, just type whatever comes to mind, and Redirectify will do its best to offer up relevant suggestions! In case you're already aware of the path you wish to redirect to, you can also enter it in the field manually.

Once you're happy with what you've got, click Fix + next. Redirectify will enqueue the redirect for processing, and immediately display the next error. Continue in this way until all your crawl errors are fixed.

It's a good idea to check back every week or so for any new crawl errors.

When you're comfortable with the process, you might want to try Redirectify's keyboard control, which really streamlines the process of fixing errors. With the input field focussed, you can use the Tab key to select suggestions, while Enter/Return is a shortcut for Fix + next or Skip this error (with the exception of the last error in the list). You'll never need to take your hands off the keyboard!

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