Every now and then you may find that some crawl errors you have previously fixed end up reappearing the next time you open Redirectify. This occurs when a redirect is rejected by Shopify, and this can occur for a number of reasons. Some of these we're able to correct automatically, while for others this wasn’t possible, such as (reasons given by Shopify for rejection):

  1. Target can’t redirect to another redirect
  2. Path has already been taken

The first just means that you cannot redirect to a path which itself is redirecting to another path. The second is actually fairly unclear, as we have seen it come up in cases where an exact match of the path does not in fact already exist, so in these cases we recommend taking note of the failing redirects and try to create them within the Shopify admin itself. If the redirect still fails to be created within the Shopify admin, it should give you some indication of why it was rejected.

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